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  • Me Late Chocolate

    Me Late Chocolate Just the best selling films at the best price in the market...
  • Nosotros Los Nobles

    Nosotros los nobles Just the best selling films at the best price in the market...
  • Extinción Masiva

    Extinción Masiva Just the best selling films at the best price in the market...
  • El Nuevo Cine Vol. 2

    El Nuevo Cine Vol. 2 Just the best selling films at the best price in the market...
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chocolate sm

Moni looses Xavi (her jealous boyfriend) in a car accident. She decides to focus on her final thesis of bakery school; crafting a delicious chocolate, as a way to ease the pain of losing her fiancé.
She is encourages by her friends to rebuild her life and start dating again. But when she does, the unexpected apparition of Xavi, as a vision from the beyond will frighten Moni at first but it will end up causing a lot of unexpected and funny situations.


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When successful construction mogul Herman Noble accidentally stumbles onto his children's credit card statements, he discovers they are spending money beyond control. His oldest son Javier, neglects the family business in exchange of his own ridiculous business ideas. His daughter Barbara gets engaged to a 40 year-old gigolo just to spike her father, Herman, and his youngest son Charlie was expelled from college after having sex with the teacher. Herman realizes his children are spoiled beyond redemption and decides to teach them a lesson, before its too late.


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extincion sm

Alexander (Max Hernández Jr.), is an ex mercenary with personality problems, forced to come back to his old ways because people from his past have kidnap his wife. In his fight to set her free, we will be joined by Damián (John Solís) who will become a silent witness to his killings in order to get her back, but his enemy is no ordinary people, he is the infamous “25” (el plebe chakaloso) a criminal who stops at nothing to destroy his enemies.


El Nuevo Cine Vol. 2 PDF Print E-mail


cine sm

There is no easy way to describe how Mexican cinema has changed in just perhaps 10 years, with the recent success of crossover comedies, audiences in Mexico and the USA are again looking for the best films; we have selected five notable examples of films that have helped in more than way to the great state of Mexican Cinema; four comedies and a drama all of them are must haves for any film enthusiast.



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